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Your Health is our Priority!

We now offer at-home Covid-19 testing for individuals and families, as well as onsite testing for businesses and corporations. All treatments are administered by licensed professionals.



Physical Exams

Get a routine examination in which we examine, feels, or listens to various parts of your body.

In addition, there are various tests that can be run during a physical examination. The patient’s age, health, and family history all come into play.


Preventative Medicine

The focus of preventive medicine is on the wellbeing of both people and populations.


The ultimate goal is to prevent illness, disability, and death.

Scientist with Microscope

Medical Laboratory

For the purpose of identifying, diagnosing, treating, and keeping track of sickness, we are conducting tests that provide essential information.


We make sure that strict quality management and control procedures are followed.

Swab for Covid-19 test

COVID-19 Testing

Keys2Wellnes COVID-19 testing is an important aspect of preventing and controlling its spread. Regardless of your vaccination status, if you have symptoms or have been exposed to someone with suspected or proven COVID-19, you should be tested. It is committed to empowering people to pursue and deliver exceptional patient care.


DOT Physicals

A drug test is not part of the DOT physical exam requirements, but you must submit a urine sample. This is used to check your kidneys for any potential medical issues. On the other hand, some companies are require a pre-employment drug test.

We provide total support and professionalism before, during and after your exam. 



We immunize for a very important reason: to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

Vaccines are especially crucial for vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly.

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